The best of the best

We have been trading in the world’s most beautiful and exciting automobiles for over 30 years. The originality, authenticity, and quality of each and every vehicle are always the most important aspects for us.

What we share with our discerning international clientele is our enthusiasm for automobiles along with the honest and trustworthy way of doing business that we have developed over many years.


We search for and find vehicles all over the globe for our international clients. We assume the complete handling for every transaction and the transport logistics it entails - be it by land, water, or air. Furthermore, we always observe the legislation on property, customs, and taxes of the specific country in question.

With passion and perfection

We have an outstanding international network in all important markets worldwide at our disposal. We and our partners have been active in the market for over 25 years and think, work, and act with absolute sincerity when it comes to each and every one of our transactions.

This is why discerning collectors keep coming back to us. They appreciate our expert advice, dependable work, and discrete manner. And they know that we are the best at protecting their interests.