Jellinek was the Austrian-Hungarian consul general in Nizza and a wealthy man who played a prominent role in the society of his day.

He was an active and enthusiastic motorsport racer who drove Daimler cars. He asked DMG for more power, driving safety and racing reliability underpinning his request with a binding order for an incredible 36 of the newly designed vehicles. The new Super Daimler was the result of the close cooperation between Emil Jellinek and Wilhelm Maybach.

The breath-taking final product was the new Daimler car of the type Mercedes 35 PS. The vehicle caused a furore and experts across the world all agreed that it had toppled the French automobile industry from their throne.

Jellinek secured the exclusive sales rights for Austria-Hungary, France, Belgium and America. From this time onwards, all new Daimler vehicles were called ‘Mercedes’; Jellinek made the first name of one of his daughters a brand name of the Daimler automobile division.


Delivered by DMG to the Pariser dealer C.L. Charley on 5th September 1908.

DMG’s records show that this Mercedes was delivered to Charley’s customer Mr. Wenzel, Paris, in 1908. The chain drive car was owned by Alec Ulmann until October 1972 when it was sold to Joel Naive.

In 1991 the vehicle took part in the Pebble Beach and came first in its class, also winning the Mercedes-Award.

The current owner bought the car in March 1993. Since then, this Mercedes chain drive car has been part of one of the most important Mercedes-Benz collections in the world.

The high-class clientele of the Daimler-Motoren company in 1909.

In 1909 the English Daimler agent, Milnes-Daimler, Ltd. located in Tottenham, published this very impressive list of illustrious buyers of Daimler cars in his Daimler sales brochure.

In 1908 DMG only produced 109 passenger cars.