The Carrera racing engine, which was first used in racing operations, was built into production models as of March 1955. The 1600 ccm high-performance engine type T2 produced 105 PS / 77 kW with two camshafts on top.

The 130 hp / 96 kW Carrera version with a 2.0 liter engine was available from October 1960 with the appearance of the 356 B. This exclusive, very expensive cabriolet was only ordered by a few whealthy customers during the entire construction period.

The Porsche 356 B Carrera 2 Cabriolet shown here is one of only 67 vehicles built. It is the 8th last 2.0 Ltr. cabriolet of the B series built, completed by Porsche on May 31, 1963 and delivered to MAHAG in Munich, Germany.

A Porsche enthusiast and Porsche connoisseur bought the car about 30 years ago in a very used but original condition from another Porsche enthusiast in Munich, Germany. At the time body and technical parts from original Porsche remnants were still available from the relevant Porsche specialists. All available body and technical parts were bought as original Porsche spare parts for a lot of money.

The car was then restored extensively from a well-known address in Germany. Extremely costly, with eye to detail and a great technical know-how. All work was done very impressively.

The Porsche 356 B Carrera 2 Cabriolet is in exceptionally good condition and is looking for a fantastic new home.