The possibility to order Willys Jeeps in large quantities in the USA for Europe did not exist after the war.

Therefore they developed their own vehicle in England, which had these characteristics. The first prototype and the first pre-series vehicles were built in 1947 and 1948. The first series was built from 1949 to 1958, the second series with an 88'' chassis was built from 1958 to 1961.

The car shown here is a series II 88''. For the expert, the chassis number provides some information.

The chassis number of this car is: 141901877

  • Digit no. 1, in this case the 1: beginning of all chassis numbers of all series
  • No. 2 and No. 3, in this case 41: marking for series II
  • Number 4, in this case 9: Indication of year of manufacture (1959)

The remaining five digits identify the current production number, in this case: 01877

Dave Lindsay grew up in New Zealand as a child and learned to drive a Series II Land Rover at the age of eight.

In later years Lindsay moved to England and found this car in a garage in Hampshire. It took years before he had the chance to buy the car. The car had a very good, original substance and Dave began to restore the car completely.

95% of the bodywork was preserved in its original state. The 20,000 miles the speedometer displayed at the start of the restoration could have been the original total mileage until then. Also when disassembling the axles and the transmission, only little wear and tear showed up.

Dave discovered that the car was delivered to a dealer in Guildford in January 1959 and was first registered on January 20, 1959.

The whole restoration history was described in detail in a very nice article in the English newspaper "Classic Land Rover" in issue no. 30 in November 2015. This newspaper is available in the original.

The car presents itself today in mint condition.