• Matching Numbers
  • Beautiful restored on a very original basis

Ferry Porsche took up Hoffman's suggestion, and the Porsche 356 Speedster was born. The Hoffman sales organization offered the new sporty and economical 356 model for $2,995. Right from the start, the model delighted numerous customers. It was used in everyday life as a daily driver and on weekends for many also as a sports car at racing events which took place all over the country at that time.

The example presented here was delivered on May 09, 1957 to MAHAG in Munich for a US customers in white color, coupe seats and sealed beam lamps.

The car was partially restored in the 70's by passionate Porsche enthusiasts on obviously very good original stock in California, USA.

We have inspected the car thoroughly and can confirm in good conscience that this is an exceptionally fine Speedster example. The car still has its first original Matching Numbers engine and transmission. All body panels are marked with matching numbers! Furthermore the car had been equipped with original Kronprinz rudge wheels in the seventies. This adds a value of about 40.000-50.000€. This is very rare and makes the car special.