Rendezvous in Barcelona

The VIP delivery of a brand-new Mercedes-Benz "Type 770" in 1931.

Peggy and William A.M. Burden II, a flamboyant couple among New York's high society spent their honeymoon in North Africa and southern Europe.

During this trip, in February 1931, the couple met the Mercedes-Benz chauffeur Joseph from Stuttgart in Barcelona. Joseph delivered a brand-new cabriolet from the latest top-of-the-range "Type 770" series. W1lh this car and Joseph the company chauffeur, the young couple explored southern Europe over the following five weeks. After the trip, this "Super Mercedes" remained in the possession of the Burden family for many years.

Decades later in his memoirs, William A.M. Burden II passionately described these trips in his Super Mercedes.

In spring 2012, we arranged the return of this elegant, wonderful Cabriolet D to Germany.

81 years after it left the factory, Daimler AG bought this car back for its own collection.

Everything has come full circle.